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Time in vs Timing the Markets

| February 18, 2022

The stock market is off to a rocky start this year. Higher volatility can be a source of uncertainty for even the most seasoned investors. In this issue we hope to provide some historical perspective on the anatomy of the markets and the impact of moving out of markets during periods of turbulence.

Volatility is a Feature and Not a Bug in the Market

History tells us that market volatility is a feature of how the market functions and not a bug. Research by Ned Davis on the anatomy of the stock market (Dow Jones Index) highlights the frequency of market declines since 1900[i]. This research found that on average, every year the market suffers three 5% corrections, one 10% correction, and a decline of 20% every three years or more. Market history also suggests that most dips (declines of 5%) in the Dow Jones Industrial Average don’t turn into anything serious.   

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[i] Ned Davis Research: The Anatomy of the Stock Market (DJIA) declines from 1900. Data: 1/02/1900-2/14/2022