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Vouchers for Housing

| September 07, 2022

Mainstream vouchers provide federally funded housing assistance to persons aged
18 to 61 with a disability, who are homeless, are living in an institution, or are at risk
of homelessness or institutionalization. Mainstream vouchers are unique in that they
can help any household that includes a qualifying person lease affordable private
housing of their choice.

How Do They Work?

Mainstream vouchers assist families with one or more qualifying individuals in
paying for a portion of their monthly rent directly to their landlord. The household or
person will pay around 30 percent of their income toward rent, and the agency or
nonprofit with access to the vouchers pays the rest.
Qualifying individuals or families cannot apply for vouchers directly themselves.
Instead, they must work with a local agency or nonprofit that has been granted
voucher funds to access these benefits. If you are hoping to access these benefits
for your family or loved one, you must provide documentation to verify the age,
disability, and housing status of the proposed qualifying person.
If the qualifying person will be between ages 18 to 61 at the time of application, you
may be able to request a Mainstream Voucher Program interest form from your
local agency. Keep in mind that there are limited vouchers available to each

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