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Especially For Women

Women in the United States have similar financial literacy knowledge compared to their male counterparts. However, statistically women have a lower level of financial confidence1. Why is this? One reason is that there is so much financial information available and options to choose from. It seems impossible to stay up on all the topics that might touch one’s financial life. Lack of time can also be an obstacle because of the many to-do’s on a woman's priority list. Finally, financial information may not be packaged in a way that is consumer friendly, enjoyable or simply may not align with a woman’s priorities.

At Crescendo Wealth Management, we are here to work with women and men. But we find that how we advise our clients creates an interactive and educational experience that women particularly appreciate and even enjoy!

  • We help align life and financial goals
  • Our advisors take the time to ask questions, listen and understand clients
  • Our office creates a safe space for joyous but also difficult life and financial events
  • We efficiently manage the planning process and our clients time
  • Our goal is to always educate clients – helping them understand their financial picture, financial options and make the best choice for themselves and their family

The “2013 ProLiteracy Study” shared that although women want to learn more about their financial lives, the top three reasons preventing women from having more control of their finances are:

  1. Lack of Time (41%)
  2. Work, children, household tasks (38%)
  3. Lack of confidence with financial management (23%)

While Crescendo can’t create more hours in a day or decrease the demands of your work, family and home, a good financial planner can educate you in a clear, simple and yes, fun manner to increase your Money Intelligence. Your Money Intelligence is defined by wealth psychology expert, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury as "one's overall money know-how and is made-up of three components: knowledge, skills and insights regarding money”.  And increasing your Money Intelligence is one of the best ways to overcome #3 above, lack of financial confidence and join the ranks of “smart” women who plan.

If you have an interest in learning more about financial planning for women email We will invite you to a future Women & Wealth workshop during which we will explore your money mindset and reasons to take action and then walk through what financial planning entails. Invest time in your financial life with the potential pay-off of Money Intelligence, financial confidence and some fun amongst a smart group of women!

1 Turner Moffitt, Andrea. (2015). Harness the Power of the Purse. Los Angeles : A Vireo Book.