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At Crescendo, we recognize that our clients use technology in all aspects of their lives and their financial life shouldn’t be any different. We have invested many exhaustive hours of research to find the very best software platforms in our industry. As a result, we have partnered with top tier technology solution providers to deliver a high-tech, yet personal level of service. We have in-person meetings with clients but augment them with sophisticated technology, allowing clients to interact with us in the way the client prefers.

We also offer virtual advising for clients that are out of state or simply prefer to stay out of traffic. With our virtual engagements we do not physically meet but there is always a real-life advisor collaborating with the client through technology.

eMoney interactive financial planning website


PreciseFP online information gathering and questionnaire tool

Ring Central -phone calls, phone conferences, webinars and video conferencing

CFS online college planning tool